Business Collaboration and Consultative

Univeril Technology Industry enables local and foreign companies to gain technical  skills through collaboration and consultative. Our collaboration and consultative are focused on profit organizations that are willing to achieve greater impact, exposure and try new technologies. Many developing countries and organizations find it difficult to provide themselves the  level of technology  that are needed to enable them to meet the world technology standards, and this is where UTI comes in to form strategic collaborations so as to provide best quality technology to these countries or organizations at lower costs and reduce financial risk of research development. We become your trusted advisor, assists you in identifying needs and offer solutions within the collaboration period.

The following are the types of collaboration and consultative we offer:

We provide technical know-how, sophisticated tools and consultancy to the developing countries to enable research and innovation activities.

We provide advice in technical areas and provide foreign and local companies with technical and managerial skills.

Univeril Technology Industry has a large spare of  capacity to engage in new opportunity.

collaboration spare capacity

Our Collaboration and Consultative Model

-  We collaborate to provide consultative in short or long terms by providing companies with ideas, licensing arrangements on our tools and distributing agreements.

-  We are also capable in geographic-specific  consultative under specific requirement. Here, we join together with local and foreign companies in a specific geographic region and sell them technology solutions to that particular region.

consultative model

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